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April Favourites – Books, Food, and Taxes?

April Favourites It’s time for April favourites! We’re nearly out of April now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve collected more than a few favourites – I’ll refrain from listing them all! It’s been an odd sort of month. There’s been taxes, work, and the start of YouTube. I’ve been exposed to the outside more than […]

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How to survive, or at least ‘tolerate’, chronic illness flares.

Advice | How to survive, or at least ‘tolerate’, a chronic illness flares.
Chronic illness flares are nothing to joke about. They come on unexpectedly, last anywhere from a few minutes to hours, and are usually just brutal. The main way my chronic illness flares is through pain, general ‘achiness’, and if it’s my IBS – stomach cramps, and a lot of toilet time.

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Get to Know Me: What are My Disabilities? My CRPS Story [Video]

Get to Know Me: What are My Disabilities? My CRPS Story  Fancy listening to me natter on about my medical ailments and disabilities in video form? Now you can! I make videos now, it’s a thing apparently. The video covers nearly all of my chronic illnesses/disabilities (naturally, I forgot a few), and what happened this […]

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In waiting room, with hospital seats - and a teddy bear sitting on one of them.

MRI Tips and Tricks

MRI Tips and Tricks In the past ten years I’ve had around ten MRIs, heck I’ve probably had more, but they all blur into one after a while.  The MRIs I’ve had have taken place in lorry like transportable vans, private facilities, seperate building, and hospitals, and from what I can tell there seems to […]

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Get to Know Me/What’s in My Bag? Spoonie Edition! [Video]

Get to Know Me: What’s in My Bag? Spoonie Edition! So … what’s in my bag? My bag has absolutely no rhyme or reasons in regards to organisation, it’s all just dumped in there – maybe one day I’ll find the perfect bag. This ‘what’s in my bag’ video was also a real eye opener […]

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