Article | Let’s normalise talking about pain.

Let’s normalise talking about pain.
Pain sucks. There’s no if and or butt about it, it just sucks. But there’s something that sucks even more – telling people about the pain.


There’s a number of reactions that comes from telling about someone with pain. Shame. Embarrassment. Fear. That’s just a few of them. There’s been more than a handful of times that I can’t talk about my pain, not even on an offhand way, because it effects someone else, it scares them.  After I’ve told them more often than not they put it on me to make them feel better about my pain because they can’t deal with it.

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Food Review | Choices Choc N Orange Rondellos

Choices Choc N Orange Rondellos   Choices was the first chocolate I was introduced to it when I realised that I can’t digests milk, and lactose. Sainsbury’s stocked the Choices truffles, and I ate a lot of them.  It was obscene that mount I had. Nowadays, I’ve been ‘cheating’ on Choices with Moo Free, and […]

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