MoviPrep Tips | 13 tips to make the experience easier.

13 Moviprep tips to make the experience easier.

Moviprep sucks, let’s get this out of the way. It really does suck. Even if you find the taste not too bad, a litre of the stuff later you’re going to want to tip it down the drain. But, you gotta drink it. Then, you gotta show your butt to a bunch of people, and to top if off you have to have a camera shoved up your  butt.

Here are a few things I found to make the whole Moviprep experience a little easier on myself, and made me feel more prepared, I hope you find them useful!

Moviprep Tips

  • Make the prep a few hours prior, and cool it. It’s so much easier to get down cold than warm as you don’t taste it as much.
  • If you’re flavoring it, stick to something tangy. The sodium in the Moviprep is very noticeable, so keeping in the same citrus family makes it easier. I preferred lemon to flavour mine.
  • Diet permitting (anything with diabetes or similar should check with a doc beforehand) sugar based clear sweets are your friend. Jelly babies, lemon drops etc. Double check before eating them, but most gastro docs will say they’re fine.
  • On the same thread, clear lollipops – lemonade ones, push pops etc. Gives you a few much needed calories.
  • Sports drinks to re-hydrate. I went into this thinking I wouldn’t be dehydrated by the Moviprep at the end, how wrong I was. I went through two Lucozades, and two liters of water because I felt dehydrated, a day later and I still feel dehydrated. As above, check with your doc if you have diabetes or anything similar.
  • Stock up the bathroom with water, sweets, something to do in case you forget your phone, and a blanket beforehand. A few hours in I wishing I’d brought a bottle of water or something in with me, so I started creating a ‘nest’ of sorts in the bathroom.
  • Keep warm. With the amount of liquids in the body, and at the rate you’re expelling them shivering/feeling cold is common. So, layer up, and take blankets with you if needed.
  • Start dabbing Vaseline or something similar on your butt hole early on, by the time you need it, it will sting a bit more when applying. Feels a tad ridiculous doing it, but a quick swipe of loo roll dabbed in Vaseline will save you a lot of future pain. Again, Moviprep sucks.
  • If the bathroom is more than ten paces away, camp somewhere close. When the Moviprep solu kicks in it really kicks in. You may feel ridiculous, but you’ll be grateful.
  • Know that you might not make it in time occasionally, and wear dark underwear you don’t care for.
  • Don’t bother turning the bathroom light off/shutting the toilet lid when you leave. Might sound like a waste of electricity, but it’s an extra step you don’t have time for as when you gotta go with this stuff you really gotta go.
  • Wear pants and loose bottoms. You don’t want to be unzipping jeans constantly as it’s just another step between you and the loo.
  • Watch/read/play something you don’t mind leaving mid way through, or something you can leave and come back to no matter what. Gripping TV is good, but putting off going to the loo to find out who murdered who will only cause accidents.

Do you have tips to make the Moviprep experience easier?

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