15 Tips to stay cool in the heat.

15 Tips to stay cool in the heat.

For the past few weeks it’s steadily been getting warmer, and warmer, and now we’re in a heatwave. England is definitely not prepared for this type of heat, and not matter the moaning on Twitter, or the abuse the Americans throw at us for complaining, the heat is a major problem. For those with chronic illnesses, heat intolerances, or disabilities, it’s even worse.

I’ve picked up a few things over the past year or so trying to keep cold, and they even work in winter! Long story, you can see it here.

Place ice in front of fans.

The vast majority of England do not own air conditioner units. In this heat, that’s a problem. Pop a bowl of ice cubs by a fan to blow cold air towards you.

Keep a cold towel around your neck.

They make fancy towels nowadays that don’t feel wet when you cool them down.

Run your wrists under the tap before bed.

If you look at your wrists you’ll see your veins stand out. As they’re close to the skin running your wrists under cold water will help the blood to cool and circulate around your body.

Ice Packs

Ice packs in this weather are your friend, but please, please use them with caution. Always wrap with with at least two layers of cloth – no skin to skin contact, never use them just out of the freezer (though I know that temptation).

Learn from my experience, I gave myself frost bite from ice pack use.

Hot Water Bottles

A trick I learnt a few months ago, fill up a hot water bottle, freeze it, and you have a long last (very hard) ‘ice pack’. Make sure you wrap them up it comes in contact with your skin!

Swap a duvet for a blanket, or cotton sheet.

The lighter the better in this heat! Even if you just dump your duvet on the floor because it’s too much effort, and a pull a cotton sheet over you. Sort it out after summer. As a bonus, it’s so much easier to clean a cotton sheet!

Get Naked!

Clothes are too much in this weather, especially at night time. The best thing to do is go starkers! Your skin will than you for it.

Or Get Loose!

If you’re not one for sleeping naked, or roaming around the house mostly naked, wear the lowest clothes possible to stay cool in the heat.

Forget the hairdryer! 

It’s already hot, so unless your hair is totally unruly, consider ditching the hair dryer. In this heat, your hair will dry pretty darn quickly!

10 Sleep Alone

Something I’m having trouble with, but rejecting cuddles will mean you don’t heat each other up with your body heat.


Good old onomatopoeia.

Take a cold shower before bed, in the middle of the day, or whenever get too warm.

Turn off the lights, and the TV.

Our TV gives out an unbelievable amount of heat, for now we’ve stopped watching TV to help the house stay cool in the heat.

Cold Face Masks

As well as removing inflammation, a nice cold face mask (ones with beads are great) will help to cool down. Also! Keep your face packs in the fridge to chill them, and moisturise your skin.

Stick to Salads

… if possible. I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to food, but at the moment my favourite option is the one that requires the least amount of cooking time.

The less you cook, the better off you’ll be!

Keep the curtains closed!

A preventative measure to keep the room cooler during the day. Crack them open towards the evening then the temperature drops to let the fresh air in.

These are just 15 ways to stay cool in a heatwave, are there any tips you’ve picked up to stay cool?

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