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April Favourites – Books, Food, and Taxes?

April Favourites

It’s time for April favourites! We’re nearly out of April now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve collected more than a few favourites – I’ll refrain from listing them all! It’s been an odd sort of month. There’s been taxes, work, and the start of YouTube. I’ve been exposed to the outside more than usual, and I’ve seen more specialists this month than over the course of this year.

1tap Receipts 

My ultimate favourite this month. Because of this app I’ve managed to file my 17/18 taxes, and we’re in April. That’s never happened before. I’m also attempting to keep on top of my taxes by forwarding any PayPal emails, and scanning receipts. It’s amazing.


Might be an odd start, but Pepsi has been my saving grace recently. All my medications make me sleepy, but artificial sweeteners make my pain worse. I also can’t handle too much caffeine nowadays, and Pepsi seems to be the right amount of caffeine for my body.

Crunch Yummies

The real name of these are ‘Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Chocovered Crunchee Bites’, but to me they are essentially mini crunches in a bag, and I love them. I adore honeycomb, and my favourite bar of chocolate used to be a Crunchie bar, but thanks to my body I can’t eat Crunches anymore.

No joke, I can polish off a bag in one sitting.

Set to Stun by ColourPop

This is a new acquisition. But, oh gosh. This eye shadow is now officially my favourite. I’m terrible at trying new things – especially when it comes to makeup, and I went out on a limb on my recent ColourPop order, and it payed off! It’s a gorgeous shimmery pink/mauve colour, and because it’s on the cool side it goes so well against my green eyes, and pale skin.


The only reason I’ve started using my tripod is because the Gent now has to set up everything for filming. I used to use a stack of precariously placed books, on top of a storage box, on top of a wobbly table. True story.

Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women’s Pain

I’ve only jut started to read this book, and I’m honestly not very far into it, but it’s become a fast favourite. It’s a solid punch to the gut because it details my experiences so well as a woman trying to get her pain taken seriously – even to female doctors. It goes to show just how universal it is that women’s pain is not being taken seriously, especially when it comes to period pain.

That’s it for my April favourites! There were one or two I could have included, but even I can admit sometimes a list can run too long.

Is there anything particular you’re loving this month? Pop it down in the comments below!

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