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Laundry Day | Flash Erotica #1

Laundry Day

Flash Erotica #1

1000 word deep in to my post for day I became stuck. So this is me, attempting to free my brain.

“Coming upstairs? There’s laundry to put away.”

Sometimes, it’s not even sexy. Or at least it doesn’t seem that way to start. Sometimes, it’s casual. It starts with a grope here, or a remark there.

“Give me a few minutes. I need to finish this paragraph whilst my brain is working.”

I know why you’re going upstairs, and it’s definitely not to put laundry away – it’s to prepare. Even though the laundry desperately needs to be put away, even though the laundry is all over the floor, and the bed. You’ve gone upstairs with your own agenda.

A few minutes pass, and my phone buzzes. I look down, ‘don’t be too long, I need your help’, the text reads.

I know exactly what you’re planning, right down to the toys you’ll pull out, and the restraints you’ll use on yourself. Surprise bondage sex used to be a thing, but I know your tells too well now.

Tell number one, you never willing volunteer to put the laundry away.

Tell number two, you’re freshly showered.

Tell number three, you’e not had an orgasm in a few days.

Tell number four, you’re impatient.

Whilst the stairs aren’t an easy feat nowadays, it’s been a long day, and I could use a willing body to release some tension. I decide that the work can wait until later, but that doesn’t mean I’ll hurry upstairs. Taking my time will only make you harder, and intensify the tease.

Almost half an hour has passed before I finally open the door.

You’re tied up, and you look like the perfect present, complete with a bow on top.

The laundry is scattered all over the floor, and I just shake my head.

Play time first, chores later.

Masturbation Monday

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