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A Birthday Treat

A Birthday Treat

I like to watch.

It’s not often, but occasionally I get to watch. Most of the time when we fuck both of our hands roam, or he touches me, or I touch myself, so watching him take his cock in hand is a rare treat. Then again, you’re supposed to get treats on your birthday.

I love watching. I have both voyeuristic, and exhibitionistic tendencies. Though, I’ve always loved to watching more, mostly because I can very easily let my imagination run away with me.

There’s something incredibly erotic about watching your partner touch themselves, especially when you know their anatomy so well.

Watching him touch himself so differently to how I usually touch him is exciting, and I always make a mental note to try to replicate the grip. You see, where I prefer a gentle touch with just a few fingers, he prefers to use his whole hand, where I tease, he’s efficient, and where I use nearly a whole bottle of lube, he just likes spit. Though, that could just be down to expediency.

Of course, when I watch I can’t completely keep my hands to myself. I love to run my hands all over his skin, making sure to pay close attention to his nipples, and perineum. Nor can I keep my mouth shut. I lean in, kiss my way up his neck, and whisper in his ear all the dirty things I want to do to him, but I always make sure to keep one eye on his cock.

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