April Favourites Graphic.

April Favourites – Books, Food, and Taxes?

April Favourites It’s time for April favourites! We’re nearly out of April now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve collected more than a few favourites – I’ll refrain from listing them all! It’s been an odd sort of month. There’s been taxes, work, and the start of YouTube. I’ve been exposed to the outside more than […]

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December & January Favourites

December & January Favourites December and January have been months that haven’t really felt months. For half of December I was struck down with a kidney infection that left me resembling either a kitten or Bambi on ice – depending on popular references. And for most of January I was either delirious with pain (I […]

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October Favourite – Odds & Ends

October Favourites What do you do when you are essentially at home 24/7? Watch a lot of TV. That’s why this month (I say this like I’ve done some of these posts before), a lot of my favourites are going to revolve around around digital media. However, I’ve got my eye on some new treats, […]

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