Sigmoidoscopy Tips | 14 Tips on what to take, and how to prepare.

Patient at a Hospital

14 Sigmoidoscopy Tips From my sigmoidoscopy experience I came away with a lot of sigmoidoscopy tips that I wish I had. I realise there’s a lot of things they don’t tell you, that  they really should. Some may seem like common sense, but it’s really difficult to know what you need after you’ve just goingRead more

Disability Chat | 3 Reasons Why Being Undiagnosed Ain’t Easy

3 Reasons Why Being Undiagnosed Ain’t Easy If you’re undiagnosed you know the endless fight that is trying to get a diagnosis.  You know just how tiring it is, how much everyone wants to listen to someone other than you talk,  and how mental taxing it ends up being.  Follow me: Newsletter | Twitter | TumblrRead more