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    The Corset | Flash Friday #71

    The instructions were clear, all he had to do was spend a full day naked and locked, then he’d be rewarded. It sounded simple … in theory. He’d been in chastity up for 2 weeks, but his Mistress never did anything easy. He was proven right when his doorbell rang at 6am. He rushed downstairs to answer it, completely forgetting…

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    A New Fetish

    I didn’t know what was about to happen. All I knew was what that Mistress had given Me explicit instructions and I would follow them to the letter. Over four years of servitude I had come to trust Mistress, and found enjoyment in any and all activities she gave me. Though we were miles apart, and met infrequently to play,…

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    That One Fantasy

    That One Fantasy There’s always that one fantasy – my go to, that gets me off. Sure, there are other fantasies in my brain, and variations of those fantasies that I drift to from time to time. But for the most part I know that my old dependable fantasy will get me off. I know how to stretch it out with…

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    A Birthday Treat

    It's not often, but occasionally I get to watch. Most of the time when we fuck both of our hands roam, or he touches me, or I touch myself, so watching him take his cock in hand is a rare treat. Then again, you're supposed to get treats on your birthday.

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    Sweet Dreams, and Vagina Schemes

    There are times when I’m horny, and then there are times where I’m horny.  This week, all week long, I’ve been horny. I’ve been that horny I’ve had four blissful orgasms in my sleep, and many more whilst awake. And yet, I still want more.  I’m at the point where I want to jump my partner (not literally, that would end…

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    Laundry Day | Flash Erotica #1

    "Coming upstairs? There's laundry to put away." Sometimes, it's not even sexy. Or at least it doesn't seem that way to start. Sometimes, it's casual. It starts with a grope here, or a remark there. "Give me a few minutes. I need to finish this paragraph whilst my brain is working." I know why you're going upstairs, and it's definitely…

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    Fuck Me Out of My Funk

    Fuck Me Out of My Funk This is my first ever post for Masturbation Monday, and it’s the first erotica post I’ve published on this site. I’m only a tiny bit nervous … go easy on me in the comments! __ Sometimes you know what’s caused it. Sometimes you come home, and find me watching horror movies. The only time…