I’m Eve Adler, a queer disabled British freelancer, writer, sex worker, and sex educator. Through my personal blog EveAdler.com, I’m determined to make the public aware that disabled people enjoy sex too.

EveAdler.com covers many topics ranging from general sex ed, sex and accessibility, to being a disabled sex worker in the adult industry. I also enjoys picking apart sex toys to look at just how accessible (or usually how inaccessible), they are to show that accessibility doesn’t just stop at outdoor ramps.

Along with the help of my partner I run Parlour Talk. Parlour Talk is a site dedicated to starting a conversation, on topics surrounding sex work, sexuality, periods, chronic illness, disability, gender, and more. Parlour Talk also runs a shop where all red umbrella merchandise profits are split between non-Nordic model sex worker positive organisations. 

I am currently in the process of setting up two new side projects, both with the aim of supporting my fellow sex workers, and improving the conversation surrounding sexuality and disability. 

If you’d like to support my work, please consider buying me a coffee.

I also have an Amazon wish list with a few bits, bobs, and books!

Disclaimer: This site contains content of an adult nature (inc. sex toy reviews, pictures, erotica, and discussions about sex, sensuality, and content of the erotic nature). Anyone that is under the legal age in their country to view adult-orientated material should not view this blog.

If you’re under the legal age to access adult materials where you live, please leave.

If you are a minor, and looking for information about sex, relationships or your body, please visit Scarleteen, Brook, or Bish.

All pictures featured, unless otherwise stated (or you see a watermark on them), are from Story Blocks – a pretty nifty site, Canva, Deposit Photos, and, Pexels.

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