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2018 Roundup

2018 was my first proper year of blogging. Whilst this blog did start during the latter half of 2016, a lot of things happened that took my attention away during 2017, so 2018 was the year I really got into it. And it’s show. I’ve published 80 blog posts this year (18 last year), and more than doubled the amount of reviews I wrote in 2017 – granted not a hard thing to do.

I’ve already posted my sex blogging resolutions, but here is a very quick roundup of 2018!


An absolutely wonderful time at my second Eroticon, for a number of reasons. I got back my sexuality, I went solo to an event for the first time in months, I met some wonderful people, and I even gave a talk! Something I swore to myself I’d never ever do. I’m still a tad shocked.

Eroticon is an absolutely wonderful event where sex bloggers get to meet up, and discuss sex, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it.


Out of all the toys I’ve tested during 2018, the Zumio has remained a firm favourite of mine. I wonder if 2019 will bring a toy that usurps the Zumio, we’ll see!

Oral Sex

A high for a number of reasons, the main being now that we have a shower I can actually step into (mind blown), I can shower myself, shave, and ensure that oral sex happens with a frequency I’m very happy with. Three cheers for oral!

Liability Magazine

I’m honoured to have been able to write for Liability Magazine. If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do. It’s an online magazine run by disabled women, and if you’d like to read my posts (many on sex and disability), you can check them out here.

You Guys!

I’m going to get mushy.

So, I love writing, and blogging, and thought sharing on the internet. I mostly do it for me, but this blog – whilst still for me, is also something I wanted to share. Blogging is my form of activism, and though it exhausts me from time to time, I love doing it, and I couldn’t do it with you. The comments, the views, the shares, the retweets, and likes all mean so much, and I’m very thankful to each and every single one of you that takes the time to read this blog.

Whether you’re educating yourself, or just reading my musings, thank you.



A bit of short list, but these are the things that have really stood out for me this year, and I wanted to write about them. However I know I’ve missed a few things because my brain is a sieve, so maybe we’ll have a part 2 in a week or two. I’ll have another post up in a few days about all the sex bloggers I’ve absolutely loved this year, and the sex blogs I want to read more of this year.

Happy New Year!

P.S. I have no finally hit 100 posts on! *cracks open the prosecco*


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