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2019 Resolutions Review

My 2019 Sex Blogging Resolutions!

How did I do with my 2019 resolutions?

Blog more about fetish, sex work, and BDSM.

Technically, I’ve blogged more about sex work, you just haven’t seen those posts yet! The Red Umbrella Academy will be going live on January 10th (keep your fingers crossed), and I’ve been writing posts like they’re going out of fashion.

I’ve decided that instead of perfecting the site, then publish it, I’m going to publish the basics and then add to it!

Have more orgasms! (But don’t worry too much.)

I smashed this goal, well the second part. This year I realised I didn’t need to put the pressure on myself to orgasm, and boy has it felt good! If anything, because that pressure has been lifted, I’ve had more orgasms. It’s funny how my body/brain works.

Write at least 50 reviews.

This was … very very ambitious. Too ambitious.

To be fair to myself, I have worked through a bunch of reviews, and at the moment I’ve stopped accepting new sex toys that I’ve not been paid to review (that’s a policy I’m really going to enforce this year). I have 8 toy/lingerie pieces left on my ‘get it done’ list, my docket is clear.

Attempt to work out affiliate marketing, and more.

I have succeeded in the ways I needed too! For the longest time I put off making sure all my links have a ‘no follow’ section (I know bad Eve), but I did it! I’ve found a link generator (coming soon In a resources post) that speeds things up, and I’ve even created a spreadsheet for all my affiliate links.

I’ve not made much, but I feel like I’m organised enough that I can start making money.

Guest post, and get out there.

This one really didn’t happen. I wanted it to happen, but life got in the way. In some ways I’ve even gone backwards because some of the guest posts I’ve already written have vanished form the internet! Really not handy.

Overall, not the best, but that’s okay! It’s a New Year which means (at least for me) a new chance to take a crack at some of my goals. I’m not big into major resolutions, as I prefer making goals every few months, but I’ve always loved the beginning of the year as a sort of reset button.

What will be my goals for 2020? Find out here

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