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2020 Blogging Goals!

2020 Blogging Goals!

It is a brand spanking new year, and I am SO ready for it. 2019 was such a mix of happy moments and sad moments. It kicked off with a funeral, and ended with another family health scare, and somewhere in the middle I realised I desperately need to take better care of myself – especially since the NHS is in the hands of politicians. Considering I’m writing this whilst half watching John Wick 3 – a movie I daresay now straddles the lines of ‘action’ and ‘torture porn’, I’d say self-care is going splendidly!

These goals will solely pertain to this blog, and my work within sex, disability, and sexuality. I won’t include my side projects goals because we’d be here for too long! If you wold like to see my resolutions/goals or The Red Umbrella Academy and Parlour Talk I shall be popping them over on my Patreon in a few weeks.

A lot of these goals are abstract, and there’s a reason for that. I don’t want to put myself under too much pressure this year (I say this, but I have subsections for my subsections in my to do list). I’m also trying to not put extra work into myself … let’s see how that one goes!

Write more (shorter) reviews.

I’m not going to say an amount of reviews I want to hit because that will stress me out, instead I’m just going to aim to write more.

I LOVE writing reviews when I get into them and if it’s a good toy, but bad cumbersome toys really slow me down. And whilst I love writing in-depth reviews, I’m going to cut the wheat from the chaff and condense reviews slightly so I can both get them out faster and review more toys.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to keep my eye on ALL the buttons.

Make a photography date with myself.

I love photography, but it’s very much a very part time hobby of mine. In part because camera buttons are fiddly (especially when my hands don’t work well) and posing hurts … a lot.

However, I love the results – particularly my Sinful Sunday posts. It also feels great to take pictures for ‘me’ again, and I want to do that more this year.

Pitch all the people on my pitch list.

I’ve a list of people I want to pitch, and I’ve not done anything about it this year! So, I’m determined to start checking names off that list this year.

Earn money from affiliate sales.

I’m a bad blogger when it comes to affiliate earnings, I just … don’t. I’m excellent at earning money in other areas of my life, but I keep falling short with this one.

I think part of my problem is that there are just too many affiliate programmes; and they’re all spread about over multiple logins.

However, my first step is to email a bunch and ask them if they allow sex workers/explicit content (thanks to the affiliate that booted me – yes I’m still salty), and then cull them.

Step outside my comfort zone.

I’m quite comfortable where I am now – and I don’t mean literally (I’m writing this in bed so I’m currently super comfy), but in my career overall. I need to push myself, though not to do more, but do things differently!

Reviews are one example. Do I love writing long ones? Yes. Is it working? Kind of – people find them useful. Can I improve them? Definitely. I can find a way to put all the info in an easy to read digestible fashion. Basically, what I’m doing with TRUA, but for reviews!

Another example would be reaching out to follow humans for collaborations! I like my bubble of internet world, and as some of you will have noticed I am terrified (sometimes literally) of reaching out. To the point where I’ve paid for 1-1 coaching in the past and not redeemed it because anxiety, and then not told them … because anxiety. Anxiety is a bitch.

Care a little less.

I care too much. Far too much. It’s something my partner keeps warning me about – they say that most people care less than me.

I’m learning to give less fucks (something I’ve been trying to get a handle on for a year now), but it’s a slow process. A really slow process.

Part of the reason that posts are slow at times is because words are hard, and editing words are even harder at times.

Which leads me onto my last goal.

Hire people to help out!

This is a broad goal spread across all my projects, but I need to hire people. Having care on a daily basis has shown me that having help is awesome and takes away so much stress!

I have started delegating tasks to certain pets over in FemDom world, but I need to delegate the ‘harder/more private’ tasks to professional people. I’m talking about hiring an accountant, someone to help manage my money, a physiotherapist, and most importantly, hire a personal assistant!


That’s it for 2020 goals! I’ve tried to keep them more general, and less structured this year because it’s going to be one heck of a year across the board.

Do you have any goals for 2020?

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