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What’s going on? Why everything has changed … again.

What’s going on?

Why everything has changed … again.

If you’ve been around for a while you know that things have changed over the years … like, a lot. It’s been a tumultuous few years.


That’s the question, isn’t it? Why?

The quickest and simplest answer that I can give you is Internet censorship. Really, I could just say the word censorship and that sums it up nicely. The long rambling answer was originally posted in audio form over on my Patreon on account, but I’ve never really addressed in blog form. So, today is the day!

Why did I become a sex blogger?

I’ve been interested in writing for as long as I can remember. My journey started out writing fanfiction – as many people do, and then it all evolved from there. I’ve had the odd blog over the years (all of which have been deleted now), but I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing and sharing. Sharing what I write makes me want to be better, and I’m not going to lie the feedback is addicting.

My interesting in discussing sex toys started after my first (terrible) toy haul, but I didn’t have a platform … yet. However, when I started camming, I found my feet, and my platform. I ended up discussing sex toys online over the years – thoughts on the toy I was using, toys and sex in general etc, until I got back into blogging. I’d been very focused on the medium of live video for so long that I was more than a little rusty.

After a false start on an old blog, I switched to, and Eve became my sex blogging name. To begin with, I couldn’t really figure out a ‘proper’ sex blogging name as I already had a sex work name that felt like ‘me’. After a few years ‘Eve’ did start feeling like my blogging persona, but I realised that wasn’t the name I wanted to be known as. A few weeks of brainstorming led to the creation of Ms Eve Adler, and so I then made the switch to There was a week recently where I wanted to just throw everything back under the same name, but thanks to a site malfunction, I didn’t happen. In the end, that turned out to be a good thing, especially since I am once again separating things.

If you combined the sex worker side of me and the sex blogger side of me (though what is real on the internet), that person that is me. The ‘real’ me. I don’t do well pretending or playing a role. Of course, there is an element of artifice for the Internet, and Twitter – particularly on FemDom Twitter, but aside from that the internet personas I have are just different sides of me. Whilst a lot of people put stock in a ‘real’ name, this is my name, my chosen name. The name on my birth certificate doesn’t feel like me anymore. My birth name was given to me by two people I’ve had a historically problematic relationship with, and Eve Adler is me reclaiming my personality again after pulling myself up from my bootstraps. I like to think of Eve Adler as the next evolution of me.

If it’s all ‘you’, why are you splitting everything up … again?

I split everything up a second time for the same reason as the first time – places are cracking down, censorship, and I’m scared. It would be remiss of me to not mention the affiliate debacle (again, I know), but it really left a big impact. That’s the raw honest answer. I can be a fancy FemDom that’s not bothered by anything in on area of the internet, but censorship is terrifying.

People are release personal info, people are creating drama, people are ruining careers over a few mistakes, and that’s just with in the adult industry (by adult industry I mean full on sex work, but I do also class sex blogging as a branch of the adult industry).

Splitting everything up for a second time is my way of trying to keep my little bit of the Internet, away from the censorship of the Internet. Now, I know that some point it’s going to happen – we are heading for full steam ahead towards full on sex censorship. Maybe I’m wrong and this is all for naught, but as someone whose livelihood is based around sex, it’s terrifying.

I can, have, and will earn money through writing, but places are more likely to hire you if you have a portfolio, and is my portfolio. Also, to be frank the money I could potentially earn through writing, isn’t enough, especially when you factor in the energy output. For me, clips, cam, and calls take far less energy and have a far higher return.

As a housebound disabled woman, my main income is through sex related work, and with all the censorship going on I have to be careful. At the same time, I have to start thinking about contingency plans. The Digital Economy Bill really opened my eyes to the possibility of receiving a drastically reduced income because politics.

So, whilst this blog is a labour of love – I earn a little but nowhere near enough to cover my costs, I am looking to turn it into a real source of income next year. Moving posts to other sites is my attempt to at protecting potential future income because censorship, whorephobia … and the world is on fire.

What’s the future of

Don’t worry, this blog will still contain chats about sex, but nothing to titillate – so no erotica. My Sinful Sunday photos will be staying as they are shot with the aim of portraying disability in a pinup light – though one could argue that titillation (a post for another time). My reviews will still contain an ‘in use’ section and be brutally honest, and I will still be writing about masturbation because it’s needed. It’s not a massive change, but it’s a change.

Will splitting content up between sites be enough? No, probably not, but as someone who is very big on control, this is what I can control.

Going forward, I’m going to be mixing in lifestyle content alongside the sex ed content – so a little what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. The aim is to be a little more advertiser friendly, and I’m going to post about what interests me more – whether that’s make up, skincare, figuring out an eco-friendly disabled life, or how I stay organised. I think sex will naturally end some of the more ‘laid back’ posts because sex, sexuality, and sex work are such an innate part of me. I also hope that by posting it here, I won’t start yet another blog.

As always, I’ll keep the content organised so you can pick and choose or read it all. There is absolutely no pressure to consume everything I make, especially if it’s harmful for you to read it (mental health posts).

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