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Female Dominant vs Female Sadist

Kink of the Week: Female Domination

Female Dominant vs Female Sadist

What are the chances that the first time I stumble upon ‘Kink of the Week’ the prompt happens to be female domination?

Within the realm of BDSM, I prefer to take on the dominant role both professionally, and personally.

I love the power that comes from being the one in control. In my personal life out of the bedroom, I also prefer to be in control as much as possible as a lot of my life is out of my control. I find female domination almost like a security blanket as it both helps to clear my head, centre myself, and it’s the role I also feel most comfortable in. When I’m control, almost paradoxically, I don’t have to think, I just act. All my clips are off the cuff, and only a few (mainly customs) are scripted. In the past, I have switched, and I can see the allure of it, but I just don’t stop thinking. The one time I managed it, the trust I gave that person was broken, and I’ve rarely tried it since. Though, I do occasion play purely in the pursuit of hedonism. When I play for pleasure’s sake there are no roles, just sensation.

However, as much as I love pleasure for pleasure’s sake, the dominant role always calls me back. In the beginning when I was just finding my feet I didn’t like the ‘dominant’ role, I was a sadist. I played to cause pain, revel in it, and then fuck. You could argue that a sadist is technically a dominant, but back then I associated domination with a care role. It’s only recently (and with the progression of my career) that there’s an allure to moulding someone, and keeping a sub in good shape. Granted, that sadistic part will always always there, but it mixes well with dominant part of me now.


  • Molly

    I agree that a sadist and a Dominant are different things but as you say can be combined in one person making them a realy meany peany 😉

    And welcome to Kink of the Week!


  • Bee

    I find myself in the opposite role, part of me wonders if that’s because I’m in control in all other aspects of my life, maybe that’s just pseudo-psychology mumbo jumbo!

    I do agree sadists and dominants are two different thing that can be combined in one mean package!

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