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Starting over in clip industry.

Starting over in clip industry.

I’ve been involved with clips since the start. It’s how I began my career in the adult industry, and it’s probably how I’ll continue it. For me, clips sell, and they sell well enough for them to be my primary source of income. However, I’m comfortable right now, almost too comfortable. Naturally, this means starting over in clip industry.

Let me just say that I started writing this before the events surrounding IWC occurred, but it was a good reminder that this industry isn’t stable, so you take it for all you can.

Why did starting over in the clip industry seem like a good idea? Well, I realised I was comfortable. I decided to venture out into the world of clips under a new name. I can’t tell you how liberating it was to publish clips under a new name. I’ve had my current work accounts for over 6 years, and whilst I love them all, the standard I’ve set myself brings a lot of pressure (both self inflicted, and public) to produce a certain style, and type of content.

Starting Over

My new clip store is the furthest thing away from my old one. I’ve been filming on my phone – phones rival the quality of most camcorders, I’ve been doing a simple edit job – slap a watermark on (my name), a beginning title, and an end card with my email so customers can reach me for customs. With the WMV versions I’ve double the amount of clips in my store (some customers prefer WMV over MP4 so it’s always best to sell both when sites allow), and it’s shaping up to make a decent amount of money a month per month.

My plan is to make this second ‘persona’  as stress free as possible. I’m thinking of it like it’s a fresh start. If I’m filming a bunch of clips, my camera is up and running, and my make up is done I will film with what’s ready, if not I’ll use my phone. The vast majority of the clips have been shot with little to no makeup on, and without any preparation. It’s been fun, and I’m glad that I seem to be getting my clip groove back again. Due to the nature of the business, doing something new will feed back into my established persona (as evidence in my recent Amazon orders for costumes, and cosplay items) because I’m giving myself a break from it. It’s kind of like attempting to remember a word, scent, or phrase – of you take your mind off it for a bit you’re bound to remember it.

Just starting over in clip industry?

My advice to you is to focus on the money, the hustle, and not the persona. If you focus too much on the persona (whilst remembering it is still important), and the money dries up – what do you have left? Always diversify, and go with what makes you happy, and naturally what makes you the most money. The adult industry is constantly evolving, so evolve with it, and don’t get left behind.

It’s so easy once you’ve reached a certain level of comfort to keep doing the same thing. In the adult industry doing the same thing will ensure you have a short shelf life. Starting over in the clip industry doesn’t have to be scary. Think of starting over like an experiment, and keep experimenting until you find something that fits you. It’s always good to push your own creative boundaries, and put as many eggs in as many baskets as possible. Have your main ‘hustle’, then have as many side hustles as you can keep up with. Never stop hustling, and always promote yourself. Don’t rely on anyone else to because they don’t always have your best interests at heart like you do.

If you’re curious as to my work, you may always ask. Depending on your message, I may or may not point you in the right direction. 


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