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    Breaking Down BDSM, Part 1

    Let's clear something up, BDSM and fetish aren't as scary as some people think. The media loves to sensationalise everything nowadays, and unfortunately BDSM isn’t exempt from that.  I’m going to break down BDSM, and simplify it so you can see that it’s pretty straightforward. For context, I have been practicing BDSM for quite some time - nearly 7 years…

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    BDSM 101

    BDSM 101 A whip here, a tickle there, and a needle somewhere delicate … Everyone has limits. Everyone. Even ‘no limits’ subs that approach me begging to whip them, whether they realise it or not have limits – I’m betting they don’t want me to chop off a vital limb, or perform open heart surgery on them. Limits aren’t a bad…